A Bayer Phytobac Helps Farms Become More Sustainable

Chuck Zimmerman

I first learned about the Bayer Phytobac system last year while on a tour in Germany. My second look at this unique innovation to make farms for sustainable came in Germany again this year during the Future of Farming Dialog last month.

With my group of journalists from North America, David Lembrich, Product Stewardship Manager at Bayer, showed us a demonstration unit and talked about how it works and then answered questions. So what is a Phytobac? It’s a system a farmer uses to clean the water used to wash out sprayers by directing it into a special tank.

Phytobac™ – a biological system for the sustainable disposal of crop protection effluent. In the tank, millions of microorganisms immediately take action and start cleaning the water voluntarily.

You can see more details and learn how one German farmer is using it here.

You can listen to David’s presentation here or watch it below: David Lembrich, Phytobac Presentation

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