FS Simulator Ensures Professional Application

Jamie Johansen

When the idea of GROWMARK’s FS Simulator was brought to FS operations managers it was hit with many questions. However, with input, advice, and research the questionable idea turned into a valuable tool managers are eager to introduce to their teams. The FS Simulator is centered around a training module for FS System operators to allowing the practice, study, and enhancement of ability, knowledge, and safety skills.

Jason Harrison, Sunrise FS, said, “I think it is something that is new to the industry that will be used in the future. My job is to find qualified individuals to do the application job at our company. It’s tougher and tougher to get people and even harder to get them trained properly.”

Harrison said he is excited to get new operators behind the virtual wheel so he can take the time to highlight safety concerns, environmental issues and sharpen skills. “Clients pay for a professional job and we want to give them that.”

Interview with Jason Harrison, Sunrise FS

Bob Eichelberger, Evergreen FS, said, “We owe it to our customers, our farmer/owners to do a better job training. With this simulator, we can train an operator year round and they will walk away with a good idea as to what they will face going down the road and in the field.”

Eichelberger said many of his operators have been in the seat for a number of years and will still benefit from the training modules. Equipment is getting bigger and roads are getting busier. Operation managers understand that and believe all will benefit.

Interview with Bob Eichelberger, Evergreen FS

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