Talking with FMC at Ag Media Summit

Chuck Zimmerman

In my first chance to visit with the sponsor of our coverage of this year’s Ag Media Summit, FMC, I visited with Tom Becker (left) and Brent Neuberger. The focus of their remarks are on FMC’s pending Dupont transaction. For starters, when that transaction is complete Tom says it will provide more products to offer growers. He says these products will complement the existing FMC portfolio.

Brent says that he’s excited about the transaction for the research opportunities it will open up which include products that might still be several years in development before being available in the market. You can watch my interview with both these guys or just listen in if you would like.

FMC is acquiring certain products from Dupont which Tom says will put the company into the top five crop protection companies in the world. The products will really help round out FMC’s portfolio of solutions for farmers.

You can also listen to the interview with the following link:

Interview with Tom Becker & Brent Neuberger, FMC

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Coverage of the Ag Media Summit is sponsored by
Coverage of the Ag Media Summit is sponsored by FMC
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