Ethanol Powering CrappieMaster Boats

Chuck Zimmerman

This week I have had the opportunity to work with a team of Crappie Masters competitors to learn about their use and thoughts on putting E10 fuel in their boat. In fact, I’ll be talking with several teams at this evening’s tournament registration and meeting.

When it comes to using ethanol blended fuel in your boat engine it is important to follow manufacturer directions and actually just properly maintain your equipment. That is advice from pro fishermen like Terry Richard, picture on the left. Terry and teammate Casey Rayner will be competing in this weekend’s Crappie Masters tournament sponsored by The Renewable Fuels Association, American Ethanol, and Bass Pro Shops. It’s the Grenada Lake National Qualifier Mississippi State Championship. Terry and Casey are sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association.

Today is pre-fishing day so I got out on Lake Grenada with these guys and although the bite was slow we did have positive results, like Terry’s first ever 3 pound crappie!

I’ll have more information from this event as I talk with teams like this one about their use and experience with E10 gas in their boat engines.

You can find photos from Grenada, MS here: 2017 Crappie Masters Grenada Tournament

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