Offers Leadership Enhancement Workshop

Cindy Zimmerman has a Leadership Enhancement Workshop coming up next month in Omaha for managers interested in taking their leadership to the next level.

This face-to-face workshop is rooted in sound leadership theory but is paired with a unique hands-on, fun approach to reinforce learning principles in a memorable and enriching manner. Participants will gain a holistic view of the importance of becoming an effective manager; key components that play into successful leadership; and practical knowledge and resources to benefit managers at all stages of their managerial life cycle. president Eric Spell will present the Leadership Enhancement Workshop. “For new managers finding your stride and leadership approach takes practice and experience. On the other hand, most experienced managers will likely agree that continually fine tuning and revisiting their leadership practices is imperative,” said Spell. “Investing in continuous improvement training benefits everyone involved–the manager, staff and the organization.”

The workshop will be held November 16-17 in Omaha, Nebraska – find out more.

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