Ryan’s Top 12 Ag Podcasts

Chuck Zimmerman

Ryan GoodmanRyan is Agriculture Proud and we’re proud of him for it. He also runs a lot.

During the past year, I’ve put a few miles in, whether running on the treadmill and trails, or driving down the highway. One of the best ways to pass time is by listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

I can’t agree more with that. Podcasting, however you want to define it, is much more than just alive and well. It is a source of information and entertainment enjoyed by many, many farmers. I’ve received my best encouragement to continue podcasting from farmers who notify me when they really enjoy one of my programs while they’re in the cab of their truck, tractor or other equipment. My weekly ZimmCast is now on episode 497!

Ryan has a very good list of his top twelve agriculture podcasts. He’s also got good advice for how to subscribe to them too. Check his list out and please provide him feedback. And while you’re at it, follow him on social media too.

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