Brownfield’s Steever Interviews President Obama

Cindy Zimmerman

tom-steeverBrownfield Ag News anchor and former NAFB president Tom Steever got a 20 minute interview with President Obama this week on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal and what it means for agriculture.

“So this is really a big deal,” the President told Brownfield Ag News Tuesday, “and the key to getting it passed is just making sure that people are informed about how this creates a level playing field and making sure that members of Congress who represent rural and agricultural districts understand the benefits.”

The President says the TPP will be a boon to U.S. farmers over the next two decades. And even though China is not part of the agreement, President Obama says the deal may have a positive impact on the U.S. trading relationship with China.

“As we are able to sell more and more products in the countries that are part of TPP,” he said, “then you start establishing principles whereby China is adapting to our rules as opposed to us always adapting to theirs.”
Click here to read Tom’s story and listen to the interview.

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