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Talking Soybean Issues at #AgMedia

Cindy Zimmerman

ams15-asaThe American Soybean Association booth at the Ag Media Summit came complete with president and farmer Wade Cowan of Texas to talk about some timely issues for the industry.

I got to talk with Wade about last week’s passage of the Safe and Affordable Food Labeling bill and the role soybean growers played in helping to educate lawmakers about the legislation. We also talked about comments that ASA submitted to the EPA this week regarding volume obligations for biofuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard and how good biodiesel is for the livestock industry. Another timely topic we discussed was the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations being held this week in Hawaii and how the soybean industry is supporting animal agriculture concerns about market access. Finally, Wade talks about this year’s crop and how it is faring with the wacky weather we’ve had around the country.

Listen to or download my interview with Wade here: Interview with Wade Cowan, American Soybean Association president

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