PrecisionAg Legacy Awards

Cindy Zimmerman

infoag-14-shearerThere were two PrecisionAg Institute Legacy award winners recognized this year at the InfoAg 2014 Conference in St. Louis.

Dr. Scott Shearer, Professor and Chair of the Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at The Ohio State University, was recognized for his work in spectral and spatial image processing in agriculture and controls and methodologies for metering and distribution of inputs in grain crop production systems. His current research activities include autonomous multi-vehicle field production systems and unmanned aerial systems for remote sensing.

infoag-14-joeThe second recipient was Dr. Joe Tevis, Topcon Precision Agriculture, who holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering from Iowa State University. He began his career in precision agriculture as a Post Doctoral Research appointment at Texas A&M University studying the spatial distribution and management of agronomic variables in cotton. Tevis joined Topcon Precision Agriculture as Director, Agronomic Products and Services in 2011. He also represents Topcon in two data standards groups, including AgGateway where he serves as chair of the SPADE project.

I had the chance to talk with Joe about where precision ag is today and where he hoped it would be, as well as the AgGateway SPADE project. Interview with Joe Tevis, Topcon

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