New Wyffels Hybrids TV Campaign

Chuck Zimmerman

Wyffels HybridsWyffels Hybrids is running a new television campaign. The campaign was created by Musta/Melzer Advertising, Minneapolis; produced by O&H Brand Design, Dallas; directed by Liberal Media Films, Dallas; with edit and post by Charlie Uniform Tango, Dallas. There are four spots in the campaign which runs in midwestern corn belt markets.

Jeff Hartz, Marketing Director, Wyffels Hybrids, says, “Wyffels doesn’t have the market share and sheer distribution dominance to market the same way as our larger competitors. We start by talking to the customer differently. Everyone flatters the customer. Instead, we talk about what we believe in. And we try to do it in a very personal, clever and idealistic way. The personality is real and it provides a different experience than our customers can find with many of our competitors.”

Tim Musta, Art Director, Musta/Melzer, says, “These spots come right from the brand voice of our client. They needed to look and sound different. Because our client always says things that other people in the category can’t say, won’t say or both. And we wanted the spots to look like they were economically produced. Because they were.”

Here’s one of the ads in the campaign:

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