Embracing Change Throughout The Beef Community

Jamie Johansen

lma-13-janesThe beef community is no stranger to change. Understanding it may not always be easy, but embracing it is key. During the recent 2013 Livestock Marketing Association’s Annual Meeting and World Livestock Auctioneer Championship attendees heard multiple times about different changes in the industry. Technology is one of those changes that improves efficiency and makes it easier for cattlemen to do their job.

Lori Janes, with The Cattlemen’s Resource, Inc., was one of the many exhibitors of the Industry Showcase trade show. Chuck took the opportunity to chat with her about their software OrderXpress.

OrderXpress is a software program for backgrounders, stockers and feed yards. Throughout the LMA Convention Lori spoke with attendees about their new modules, keeping in mind that the customers of livestock markets are also her customers. Because of her many years in the beef industry, she speaks their language and understands their backgrounds.

A new platform The Cattlemen’s Resource has taken to is the blogosphere. Their goal is to start a blog full of technological information for cattlemen. They want to start the conversation, be able to answer their questions and find out better ways they can help cattlemen across the country.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Lori here: Interview with Lori Janes

Here you can find photos from the event: 2013 LMA/WLAC Photo Album

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