Trust the Technology

Melissa Sandfort

Insights WeeklyChoosing how much nitrogen (N) to put on fields isn’t something farmers take lightly. Many factors go into the decision, including past experiences, the timing of application, yield goals, and results from soil tests.

That’s where crop sensor products such as OptRX from Ag Leader can help. When the OptRx sensors detect healthy plants, the system will call for less N to be applied. When the OptRx sensors see plants that need some help, the system will recommend more N.

Growers need to trust the technology. Trust that the sensors will detect if and when more N needs to be applied. “Have faith that the sensors are going to do what they’re built to do.” That’s what Chad Fick, Ag Leader crop sensor product specialist, says, especially in “odd” years like this when crop sensors can play a big role in producing healthy crops.

Listen to Fick explain

Fick says crop sensors help growers get the best yields possible while not being wasteful.

Listen to Fick explain

Fick says there are two different approaches and strategies to using crop sensors.

Listen to Fick explain

So what are the advantages to using OptRx sensors?

Listen to Fick explain

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