GROWMARK Getting Into Multimedia Spirit

Cindy Zimmerman

gmk-spiritLook for some cool new multimedia additions to the on-line version of GROWMARK Spirit magazine coming this year.

“We’re looking at taking Spirit magazine to another platform,” said editor Cassie Becker, noting that it is currently available in an eReader format “where you turn the pages and that’s about it” but they are moving to the ZMags platform which provides more opportunity for interactivity. “This software allows us to input video, photo albums, hyperlinks, any kind of ‘clickability’ in the document that you can,” Cassie said.

The main launch date for the complete Spirit overhaul is December, but Cassie says some of the changes will be implemented before that time. “We’re looking to introduce some of these new features slowly over time,” she said. The magazine is published every two months and you can find it by going to the GROWMARK media center and clicking on the Spirit tab.

Find out more in my interview with Cassie here: Cassie Becker, GROWMARK Communications

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