AFBF President Opens Annual Meeting

Chuck Zimmerman

AFBF President Bob StallmanAmerican Farm Bureau Federation President, Bob Stallman, welcomed everyone to the 94th Annual Meeting. I will update this post soon after the opening session for you to listen to if you missed it or need it for a broadcast or report.

Stallman reviewed accomplishments made by AFBF during the last year. He urged members to be in contact with their elected leaders and told them that no matter what they’ve read, they are relevant. In talking about the newly elected leaders he said, “We must let them know that our nation can no longer afford political drama, manufactured crises and self-serving jackass stubbornness.” That drew applause.

Commenting on the farm bill action (or lack of it) he said “Lest anyone wonder why we need a farm bill, we should remember the drought of 2012.” You’d think that would have prompted Congress to have taken action much sooner and more permanently than they did wouldn’t you?

You can find a copy of Bob’s speech here: Stallman Speech 2013 (pdf)

Post Update: You can download or listen to Bob’s speech here: Bob Stallman Speech

I have a photo album started and will be adding to it periodically throughout the meeting: 2013 American Farm Bureau Convention Photo Album

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