Get Your MBA and Promote Beef Today

Jamie Johansen

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Convention kicked off the morning with the popular Cattlemen’s College. NCBA’s Executive Director of Communications, Daren Williams, presented to the group on defending animal agriculture.

We seem to always be fighting an up hill battle in the agriculture industry, so defending our passion and livelihood is vitally important. Beef has recently been under the spotlight and it was interesting to hear what Daren had to say about what the Kansas City Star.

What can everyone in the beef community do to promote their passion? Complete the Master’s of Beef Advocacy program and help share your story. Give presentations in your local community. Get online, comment and share. Maybe even participate in media interviews.

Listen to Daren’s compete presentation here: Daren Williams - NCBA

I also took the opportunity to talk with Kaity Holtman, Director of Communications for the Missouri Beef Industry Council, about what Missouri is doing to promote the Master’s of Beef Advocacy program. I can’t wait to get my MBA and join the other 3,600 graduates from across the country advocating for the beef community.

Listen to my interview with Kaity here: Kaity Holtman - Missouri Beef Industry Council

Check out all the photos from the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association here: 2012 Missouri Cattlemen’s Convention Photo Album

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