Corn Farmers Have Anthem Option

Cindy Zimmerman

After years of planning, research and development, FMC has finally received EPA registration on the new herbicide, Anthem for broad spectrum weed control.

“What we’re really excited about is that it brings excellent control to the table of resistant weeds, whether it be trazine or glyphosate resistant,” said Roger Webster with FMC Corporation. “We’re seeing longer lasting control with this product, particularly on those small seeded broadleafs.” That includes waterhemp, lambsquarter, pig weed, palmer ameranth, and velvet leaf.

Roger says they plan to introduce Anthem for corn growers in next year and for soybean growers in 2014. “It brings a new mode of action to the marketplace that the grower is interested in,” said Roger.

Listen to an interview with Roger about Anthem here: Interview with Roger Webster

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