Kinze Has Tips for a Breakdown-Free Harvest

Chuck Zimmerman

This year’s drought has made it tough enough for farmers; the last thing they need is a breakdown or equipment failure when trying to get in what crop they can. Phil Jennings, the service manager at Kinze Manufacturing, reminded me at the recent Ag Media Summit that there are some basic items producers should be checking before they head out to harvest. “We’re going to look for wear on our augers. We’re going to check our hoses to make sure they’re not scuffed or leaking.” Plus, he said we need to check the belts on the auger and, of course, the warning lights, flashers and slow-moving vehicle signs. Phil also said that with tougher conditions out there, checking the tires and track systems, including wheel lugs and bearings, is always a good idea.

More information on Kinze equipment and how you can avoid a breakdown is available at

You can listen to my interview with Phil here: Interview with Phil Jennings

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