FMC’s Anthem to Slay the Dragon of Waterhemp

John Davis

Weed control and management was a big topic of discussion during the recent Anthem Field Plot Tour in Ames, Iowa, and one weed seems to be standing out this summer more than the rest. “Waterhemp is currently THE dragon,” said Dr. Mike Owen of Iowa State University. “It’s the one that is the big problem. It’s the one that’s going to increase in prominence, in importance, in resistance to herbicides, and in its difficulty to control.”

Owen told Chuck during an interview that he believes Anthem by FMC, hopefully released this fall by the EPA, will do a good job in helping farmers slay that water hemp dragon and whatever else might be bedeviling their fields. “It’s a good, solid product. It’s one that I think is very important.” He added that Anthem is in the family of herbicides that control long-chain fatty acids… which makes it good at controlling the small seed broadleaf weeds, such as waterhemp and lambsquarters.

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