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BASF Looks to Tackle Sustainability, Quality Issues

John Davis

When it comes to feeding a growing population, quality is just as important as quantity.

Since farmers need to be producing more food, while at the same time being responsive to the quality needs of their customers, the recent BASF Agricultural Solutions Media Summit in Chicago featured a panel with representatives from Purdue AgriBusiness, Murphy-Brown and JBS United to talk about how BASF Plant Science can develop solutions based on customer need.

“We wanted to raise the issue of the challenges the U.S. feed industry is facing today,” said Marc Ehrhardt, senior Vice President, BASF Plant Science. He said the people on the panel were the customers of the growers, and they are becoming increasingly concerned about quality issues. “So these are issues that need to be addressed along the whole value chain, and where we can make a contribution,” Marc said.

Ehrhardt believes that there is much to gain for all involved. “On the seed company side, once an acre has been converted to a certain specification, [the seed company] has a good outlet to that acre that nobody can contend until the product is copied. The farmer, on the other hand, has a choice. He can choose to have a reliable, long-term relationship with someone that takes some of the risk out his operation. The grain traders want to have solutions for specific customers. And, ultimately, the consumer wants a stable supply of affordable foodstuffs. There’s a vested interest of everybody in the value chain to make it worth everyone’s while,” he said.

Listen to more of Cindy’s interview with Ehrhardt here:
Marc Ehrhardt, senior Vice President, BASF Plant Science

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