BASF Plant Health Alive and Well in Canada

John Davis

There were a good number of agricultural journalists from Canada at the recent BASF Agricultural Solutions Media Summit in Chicago, which highlighted both the differences and the similarities in the crop protection market compared to the U.S.

One of the breakout panels for Canadian agriculture journalists at the event featured Canadian farmer Wayne Black, director of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Senator JoAnn Buth of the Conservative Party of Canada and BASF Business Director for Canada Crop Protection Scott Kay, who was pleased with the turnout at the event. “Plant health is alive and well in Canada and we have no where to go but up,” Scott said during an interview at the conclusion of the summit.

Scott came to Canada by way of Iowa, where he worked as a BASF representative, so he has perspective from both sides of the border.

“We trade for a few more letters beyond corn, when it comes to where Headline [fungicide] fits,” said Scott. “We put Headline on canola, but it’s managed in a similar manner as corn is here in the U.S.” Scott says they are really just getting started with plant health in canola, expecting the number of acres that were sprayed with Headline last year to go from just shy of a million acres to twice that much next year.

Scott says BASF is pro-actively working with producers and consumers in Canada on sustainability issues.

Listen to Cindy’s interview with Scott here:
Scott Kay, BASF Business Director, Canada Crop Protection

Photos from BASF Ag Media Summit

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