Pork Industry Concerned about Egg Bill

Cindy Zimmerman

Pork producers are concerned that a bill regulating egg production could make it into the farm bill, which could impact more than just the poultry industry.

“Some people have asked us why is the pork industry concerned about an egg bill,” said National Pork Producers Council director Bill Luckey of Nebraska during a press conference at World Pork Expo last week about the legislation they refer to as the “Farm Takeover” bill. “When you set a precedent of regulating a production system, if it’s in the poultry industry, a lot of activists might just try to move that into another species.”

Listen to comments from Bill here: NPPC director Bill Luckey

The egg bill, which was stand-alone legislation introduced in the House earlier this year, has indeed been proposed as an amendment to the Senate farm bill. Essentially it would provide for “a uniform national standard for the housing and treatment of egg-laying hens, and for other purposes.” NPPC VP of Domestic Policy Issues Audrey Adamson went into some greater detail of why other sectors of animal agriculture are concerned about the bill, which was developed as an agreement between the United Egg Producers and HSUS.

“If the egg industry decides they want to set standards, God bless them,” said Audrey. “We think it’s wrong-headed to do it in federal legislation, we think farmers know best.” She noted that similar legislation in Europe has resulted in less egg production and exorbitant prices for those on the shelves.

Listen to comments from Audrey here: NPPC's Audrey Adamson
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