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From the whole hog on down to the pork bellies, there’s tons of pork served each year at World Pork Expo, but there’s also plenty of future pork on the hoof around as well.

The annual WPX Junior National show features young people, who might possibly one day be pork producers, and young hogs, who very likely will one day be pork. And it’s a beautiful thing! You can see some photos of the champions and a list of all the winners in each category on the National Swine Registry website and on the NSR blog.

The gestation stall issue was a shadow hanging over the expo this year, just the latest in attacks against the pork industry totally led by HSUS, which even tweeted under the #NPPCWPX hash tag this week – “It’s time the pork industry make plans for getting rid of gestation crates. Pigs & farmers both deserve better.”

If it were up to HSUS, there would probably be no Junior National, or any Pork Expo, for that matter. Reporter Sandhya Dirks of Iowa Public Radio did a story today titled “Is the Agriculture Industry Being Bullied?” about an aspiring young livestock producer who feels he may not have a future in the industry because of HSUS. In an interview with the reporter, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle denies that he wants to eliminate animal agriculture, but then goes on to compare livestock farming to slavery.

“Who’s really the bully when people are taking advantage of animals?” Pacelle says, adding that he doesn’t think the differences between animal rights activists and animal agriculture one of those things where “the truth is in the middle.” “I don’t think the truth was in the middle when our nation fought about child labor or slavery,” he said.

Pacelle also accuses the aspiring producer of adopting “the party line” and predicting that the young man’s attitudes will be totally different in five years, “because there’s no future in holding the line on confinement crates.” Sounds like a threat to me.

The young people who raise livestock for shows pamper those animals and often become very attached to them, but they know very well that they will someday be food on someone’s table. I’m reminded of a line from a very funny video from a British TV program that shows vegetarianism from the other point of view – “Pigs are expensive, pink and annoying – they’re also delicious.”

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  1. Terry Ward

    Guess what;;
    If it weren’t for the bad actors in agriculture, there would be no need for the HSUS to be concerned with agriculture.
    And maybe it’s time to stop calling pigs in steel traps and sardine-can chickens and miles of semi-immobile cows ‘farming’.
    This is not farming.
    This never was ‘farming’.
    It is assembly-line food animal production/processing.
    There are farmers and there are assembly-line food producers.
    There is no logical or actual connection between the two.
    Farming is an honorable endeavor.
    There is nothing honorable in animals traveling through automated assembly lines like Toyotas and radios, so why not just man up and stop pretending it is anything other then mechanized food production?
    You seem to think your customers are all stupid.

    1. Marty D

      Here’s the H$U$ shill, Terry Ward, spouting the anti-agriculture line and attacking farmers and animal industry supporters. Just reinforces the article’s TRUTHS about the “animal rights” movement and one of the leading offenders, the H$U$. People are waking up to the sociopathic nature of the H$U$ and its AR-zombies and co-conspirators against animal use. About friggin’ time.

    2. Post

      Terry – Guess what? This is farming – the raising of crops or livestock FOR A LIVELIHOOD. Not just for your own family. As our population has grown, it has necessitated the growth of FARMING to feed more people. The issue here is treating animals raised for food production as if they were human. They are not. Period.

      1. Terry Ward

        Cindy..guess what?
        This is not farming.
        This is assembly-line food production.

        If you treat your animals like Toyotas then don’t call yourself a farmer.
        And if you treat your animals like humans you’ll get yourself arrested ……
        well in most states.

  2. Fishsticks

    Terry Ward is some sort of paid HSUS supporter, and can be found on any article saying anything remotely negative against the HSUS. Notice how they don’t even try to argue against the HSUS being a vegan animal right’s organization. It’s getting harder and harder to pretend it isn’t one.

    “HSUS president Wayne Pacelle denies that he wants to eliminate animal agriculture, but then goes on to compare livestock farming to slavery.”

    This right there shows how much of a liar Wayne Pacelle is. Wayne is an animal right’s-believing vegan, so how could not want to eliminate animal agriculture? He has also stated that if he had it his way, all dogs and cats would be neutered out of existence, and has likened breeding snakes to child prostitution.

    Just look at the HSUS website. Not a single animal product containing recipe, yet plenty of vegan recipes and articles promoting veganism.

    The HSUS also only pushes for animal husbandry practices they still believe are cruel. They believe cage-free and enriched/furnished caging are cruel. There’s a reason why they don’t push for livestock animal husbandry practices they find humane – there are none. If the new bill regarding chicken housing passes, in 2029 when farmers are required to switch to them, spending billions of dollars to do so, they can then start their “enrichment caging is cruel” campaign. Again, they won’t just draw up some “humane guidelines” for farmers to follow and say they will leave them alone if they follow them, as there is no humane way to raise an animal for consumption to the animal right’s activists.

    Another thing that shows how much the organization lies is their stance on hunting. They claim they support ethical hunting, yet when Dan Richards hunted, killed and consumed a cougar in a legal hunt, they demanded he be fired from his job. If hunting a non-endangered animal, killing it swiftly, and eating its meat isn’t an ethical hunt, then what is? Wayne Pacelle also used to participate in saboutaging hunts.

    Former HSUS staff member admits cage-free eggs are cruel, yet they don’t have the “luxury” yet of stopping the entire industry yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMUmY8YOeAk

    Another HSUS staff member states eating meat is inherently cruel, no matter how it’s farmer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osy-6n-eMwg&feature=channel&list=UL

    PDF document on the HSUS’s own website states the enriched cages they want farmers to switch to now are cruel: http://www.humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/farm/welfare_issues_furnished_cages.pdf

    Here’s some legislation the HSUS was pushing hard for: http://scienceblogs.com/grrlscientist/2009/04/13/hr669-nonnative-wildlife-invas/

    Like PETA, the HSUS’s goal is to slowly eliminate animal use. Breeding animals for food, pets and work is inherently inhumane to them. And also like PETA, they will lie, sensationalize, stretch the truth, and just be outright hypocritical if it will help further their goals.

    For example, the HSUS says they are against BSL laws because the 10-20 people killed per year and 500,000+ more that are sent to hospitals due to pet dog attacks aren’t enough to support such sweeping legislation.

    However, when a little girl is killed by an emaciated python (the parents weren’t feeding it and by the time it got out of its cage, which they were using a blanket as a lid for, it weighed only half of what it should have), the HSUS believes this is enough to ban snakes, no matter what the species, entirely from being pets. They claim no one “needs” a pet snakes, yet no one “needs” a non-working dog either. Or a fish, bird, ferret, cat, horse, etc. for that matter.

    In the U.S., there is only one recorded death from a red tail boa. Pet German Shepherds have both killed and seriously injured many more people. Yet the HSUS is fine with people having large dogs such as the German Shepherd purely for a pet, yet not a snake. Why is this? Because a large portion of the HSUS donors are dog and cat owners, and they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. This is also why the HSUS states they are so concerned with “non-native” species destroying the environment that they would ban the breeding and sales of all non-native animals, except they make an exception for the domestic cat, the #1 most invasive pet animal on the planet. It’s easier to demonize bird, reptile and exotic owners, as not as many people own those types of pets compared to dogs and cats.

    This is how the HSUS has such an easy time demonizing farmers. Most people aren’t farmers, don’t know any farmers, and don’t know anything about livestock husbandry, so its easier to make farmers out to be animal abusing meanies to the general public.

    However, the HSUS does support anti-dog breeding laws, which they claim are only to stop “puppy mills.” What the HSUS doesn’t tell you though is that there is no legal definition for a puppy mill. A puppy mill can be whatever they want it to be. These laws also end up harming small hobby breeders, the breeders who actually health test their animals before breeding, require contracts, breed for a purpose (whether it be show, work, therapy) etc.

    Anyone who even takes an hour to read up on the actions of the HSUS can see they are an animal right’s group. There are plenty of groups out there to donate to for animal welfare purposes. Only donate to the HSUS if you want to contribute to having your rights to eat meat, hunt and own pets slowly eroded away.

  3. Vet Barnes

    Its very clear that Wayne Pacelle and John Goodwin are out to end American agriculture by lying about every procedure and process to the public. Already in the UK the government there has proposed the need to start farming like Americans as they do not have enough food to feed their people. The food in Europe is very costly, due entirely to the animal rights laws enacted by these cult members who say a child is worth nor more than an insect. Pacelle will not compromise and has promised his cult members that he will bring down American farmers. If vegan cults were honest they would acknowledge that more species of animals are killed in harvesting vegetables and that pastures form excellent eco systems that protect species. But Wayne is a consummate liar. Its time to stop HSUS and all animal rights cult members as they are anti religion, anti-American and anti- human. Its time our government investigated this man and HSUS’s abuse of their charity status.

  4. Vet Barnes

    And this is for Terry a paid animal rights cult member of HSUS. The public everyday is becoming more and more aware of the scam you people are trying to pull on the American public. You are being called to account for your lies. Every video taken shows that the abuses are being perpetrated by the HSUS cult members. You are the ones who need to be jailed for abuse. You are the ones who have been breaking the law with your slander. You want to end gestation crates even though they prevent the sow from squashing her pigs not because you care about animals, but because you are irrational and lack the ability to think clearly. This is a sign of how irrational your mind has become. You know nothing about farming except how to parrot the lies HSUS tells. All farmers and ranchers should realize that this is a cult and it is the cult members who are the abusers.

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