My First Harvest

Melissa Sandfort

I liked it so much last year I had to do it again – plant my loose leaf blend lettuce, that is. It’s taken a little more time and care this year though to get it started since the weather has turned out so dry and I have a sneaky suspicion that for once the climatologist had it right … Nebraska is in for a very dry summer. This is so much the opposite of last year when during the whole month of May, my garden was under water and the highs were in the 50s.

This garden isn’t big by any means – this first harvest is probably enough to accompany my lunch tomorrow – but that doesn’t squelch my pride one bit. My onions, carrots and broccoli need a little grandmotherly TLC and she’s so graciously offered to come help me thin them once I wet it so the ground is loose. She even has a special contraption that consists of a jar with a hole to help you evenly space those seeds that are so tiny they require a tweezers to pick them up. I might have to carefully inspect the design of hers and then make one of my own!

So while the farmers are busy getting their irrigation primed and ready, I’ve been watering away on my garden, hoping it’s enough to save the poor tomato plants from burning to a crisp in late-May.

Until we walk again …