SmartTrax Boost New Holland Tractor Productivity

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The New Holland T9 Series Tractors with SmartTrax have been getting a lot of attention at farm machinery shows since last fall and High Horsepower Tractor Marketing Manager Sean Dorosz says there are good reasons for that.

“SmartTrax tracks boost the productivity and pulling efficiency of our T9 Series tractors,” Sean said at the recent New Holland media event, where journalists had a chance to test drive one of these bad boys. “Producers using this track option will increase traction and reduce soil compaction and slippage, which translates into less surface damage and a smoother ride.”

Sean says there are two types of SmartTrax modules available – High Idler and Standard. The track modules can be used on the tractor for spring planting and then installed on the combine for fall harvest. The simple installation allows you to go from wheels to tracks in less than a day – and then back again.

The first of the SmartTrax equipped tractors are starting to arrive at dealerships and Doug Roquet with SS Equipment in the Pacific Northwest says they had the first T9 SmartTrax machine available to the public and have been getting great response from farmers in the region.

“The 4-track system provides greater ground contact than tires or 2-track systems. This results in the best overall tractor balance, better traction, reduced slippage and reduced compaction,” Doug says. “In addition, the SmartTrax system from New Holland is built with advantages over other 4-track machines with thicker belts, heavier duty idler & bogey wheels with 50% thicker rubber and larger bearings, much larger drive wheels providing contact with 11 to 13 drive lugs verses 2 to 3 lugs on competitive models, and long track life for use on multiple generations of tractors.”

Take a look at some video Doug shot recently on a farm in southeast Washington.

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