Anymore Frost in Sight?

Melissa Sandfort

For more than a month now, four kinds of tomatoes and four kinds of peppers in 20 labeled “ready-to-plant” potters have been sitting on our kitchen table and now in the garage. I’m waiting. Earlier this month we had two weeks of 85-degree days but then Monday morning of this week we had frost again.

And I don’t have enough empty milk jugs and wall-o-waters to cover all the plants. I believe the Farmer’s Almanac says to wait to plant May 1 this year and I think that’s a pretty reliable source.

Last year was my first attempt at a “real” home garden, with help and suggestions from my grandma. We put it in the wrong place – it didn’t get enough sun and when we went through a rainy spell, it was underwater. I didn’t thin my head lettuce. Or my onions. I’m calling it a practice year.

This year, my husband (because he’s handy with EVERYTHING) built me these five raised bed planters. Aren’t they great? And, we still have one black kitty to keep the rabbits away and fertilize.

I’m hoping for a better crop this year…happy planting to all who are doing a home garden!

Until we walk again …