You Won’t be SOLO at the Brownfield Party

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve already seen mention of it more than once on Facebook. It being the annual Brownfield party at the NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference. This year it’s back to Howl at the Moon. How many of you remember being there a couple years ago? How many of you were there but don’t remember being there :)?

I’ll be the Brownfield photographer again this year so get ready for some great party shots. I mean pictures. Of course.

Cindy and I have our Brownfield party SOLO cups ready to be filled already. Can we use them and then bring them to the party and re-use them? I think so and I’m pretty sure it has already been done!

Just a reminder: The Brownfield NAMA party is for Professional members by invite only. So student NAMA members, keep that in mind and I hope you have a wonderful time in KC, MO. We’re sure looking forward to it.

Brownfield, NAMA