Agriculture Future of America at Ag HR Roundtable

Cindy Zimmerman

Agriculture Future of AmericaAn organization that helps prepare young people for careers in agriculture was very involved in the 2011 North American Ag HR Roundtable.

I spoke with Nancy Barcus, Director of Leader Development Programs for Agriculture Future of America. “AFA works with college men and women and young professionals just entering the work force to provide academic scholarship support, career and leader development training, and assist finding intern or other work experiences to help them get into full time employment,” Nancy told me. is one of the industry partners that support AFA’s career development and scholarship program. “We’re really well aligned organizations,” Nancy says. “A lot of things that AgCareers is trying to do for the industry to understand what the needs are and bring colleges and universities to the table at a roundtable like this with employers are similar to what we do.”

Listen to my interview with Nancy here: Nancy Barcus with AFA

Nancy reminded me that Chuck interviewed her just recently at the NAMA where she was a hall monitor!

2011 AgCareers Ag HR Roundtable photo album.

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