Wyffels Corn Hybrids More than Numbers

Cindy Zimmerman

wyffels corn strategies illinoisThe slogan for Wyffels Corn Hybrids is “More than a Number” which is the company’s philosophy when it comes to both their customers and their hybrids, but they do keep adding more numbers to their lineup of corn hybrids.

“We released 12 new products this last year,” said Wyffels Product Development Manager Bob Jackson at the 2011 Wyffels Corn Strategies event in Dixon, Illinois last week. “So, there’s kind of a new hybrid for everyone of our customers, whether they’re in southern Minnesota or southern Illinois.”

wyffels corn strategies illinoisCorn is all Wyffels does and Bob says when they look at new hybrids they are looking for what will make the farmers more money. “So that means more bushels, better standing products and better plant health. It’s always about making the customer more revenue.”

Dozens of Wyffels corn hybrids were on display at the Illinois Corn Strategies event last week and will be this week as well at the Iowa event in Malcom. If you would like to attend the Iowa event on Wednesday, find out more information on-line or contact your local Wyffels Seed Representative.

Listen to or download my interview with Bob here: Bob Jackson with Wyffels Hybrids

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