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Wyffels – A Personal Touch in Corn Planting Strategies

John Davis

So what kind of company is Wyffels Hybrids? Well, the approximately 600 corn farmers who have gathered on the Cummings farm just north of Malcom, Iowa for Wyffels Corn Strategies 2010 are finding out firsthand (and have known for quite a while) that it is a family-owned seed company located in the heart of the corn belt in Iowa and Illinois.

I caught up with Jeff Hartz, marketing director with Wyffels, to find out a little bit more about the company. In the video below, you can hear Jeff talk about how his company sets itself apart from competitors, some who have decidedly bigger assets, by offering their customers the kind of personal service more should expect to get. He also pointed out that since Wyffels is an independent company, it has the ability to be more flexible with access to a wide variety of manufacturers. If you couldn’t be at the Corn Strategies 2010 to meet the good folks from this truly farmer-focused seed company, you can at least watch what Jeff has to say in the video below. Better yet, contact Wyffels yourself through the company’s website and set up a face-to-face conversation yourself.

Wyffels Hybrids Corn Strategies 2010 Photo Album

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