Kinze Launches ASD Feature During AG CONNECT

Joanna Schroeder

Kinze1Row crop growers were introduced to some new technology from Kinze Manufacturing during the AG CONNECT Expo: the 3800 Forward Folding and 3660 Twin-Line® planters with Air Seed Delivery (ASD). The ASD is offered in different models and many different configurations and Laura Blomme, Training Coordinator with Kinze, noted that one really exciting feature with the ASD package is the scale package that they offer. “We’re the only company to do that.”

The advantage of the scale package, explained Blomme, is that it will allow the producer as he is filling the bulk fill tanks, to see exactly how much he’s putting in each tank. This integrates with the Kinze Vision Display so the operator can see on the display how many acres until he is empty.Kinze2

“So we’re giving them that productivity, it’s a 110 bushel capacity and allows them to see on their display how much is in their tanks and how much until empty,” said Blomme.

The ASD package is only available with air seed delivery models. To learn more about the ASD feature, visit Kinze’s website and listen to my interview with Laura Blomme.

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