Headline Harvest Report from West Union, Iowa

Cindy Zimmerman

BASF headline harvest henry millerI guess it would be more correct to call these BASF Headline POST-harvest reports, even though there is still about eight percent of the corn left in the fields at this point. Iowa farmers are pretty much done with this season, including Henry Miller of West Union, which is in the northeast part of the state. We caught up with him on Monday as Mother Nature was sending in a blast of frigid temperatures to welcome his 7th grandchild who was born early that morning.

Henry finished his corn harvest just about two weeks ago and he is very glad to see the 2009 season with its weather extremes coming to a close. “It was very far from normal,” Henry told me. His biggest challenge this year was summer hail storms. “In June we had corn knee high, we had hail that stripped it and beat the beans practically in the ground. Then in July, we got hit (with hail) on the other farm about tasseling time.”

Because of all the bruising to the crop, Henry’s agronomist recommended using Headline fungicide, which was the first time he ever used it. “The yields were better than what I expected, it stood good, we had no problems with standability – I guess Headline helped us out there,” Henry said.

Listen to my interview with Henry here:

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