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Chuck Zimmerman

Farm Foundation ForumHere’s Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of the Humane Society of the United States, speaking now at the Farm Foundation Forum on animal welfare. Thanks again to Mace Thornton’s Blackberry.

Here’s a couple new tweets from him (@AFBFMace):

HSUS Shapiro @ FF farm anim forum: civil discourse essntl. All agree animals protected by law to some degree…dog and cock fight etc.

HSUS Shapiro selectively quotes the research AFBF sponsored with Oklahoma State Univ. @ FF forum on farm animal care. So much more there.

HSUS Shapiro also quotes Pew Comm. And Temple Grandin and cites pork companies to phase out gest. stalls.

HSUS Shapiro @ FF forum on farm animls: Main Pt. — animals being able to turn round and spread limbs should be a common ground issue.

HSUS Shapiro @ FF farm anml forum. American public sees images of animals in cages and thinks worse of ag because of it

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