Gold Medal U. S. Pig Producers

Chuck Zimmerman

Dr. Steve McOristAfter talking with Dr. Steve McOrist I’m betting that the United States could win a gold if there was a swine competition in the Olympics. That’s because he says that the U.S. has a number of advantages over other countries when it comes to pig production. For example, he says we’ve got a good backup system for vaccines and technological and nutritional support as well as breeding programs.

A key point he made in his talk here was that producers are relying on the tools available and that they should be looking forward with a good risk management program in case the number of those tools gets smaller. If products get removed from the market then fewer choices to fight a disease will mean increased chances for disease resistance. So he says, “Be prepared to think about risk management.”

You can listen to my interview with Dr. McOrist here: bi-nc-08-mcorist.mp3

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