Roundup Ready 2 Yield Benefits

Laura McNamara

Monsanto AM Area Manager Steve FlandersMonsanto‘s “Summer of Soy” tour is all about one thing: Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans. Representatives say the “next generation” crop boasts unsurpassed weed control, produces more “power in the pod” with more beans per pod and offers farmers and growers more than $45 per acre profit potential. Monsanto says its “advanced science” technology uses extensive gene mapping to identify specific DNA regions in soybeans that are found to have a positive impact on yield.

Steve Flanders is the AM Area Manager for Monsanto. He says the Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans are producing 7 to 11 percent more yields than the first generation of Roundup Ready soybeans. This, he says, translates into 3 to 6 more bushels per acre – something Steve considers to be revolutionary.

I spoke with Steve about Monsanto’s Mobile Greenhouse and “Summer of Soy” tour. You can listen to my interview with Steve here:

Monsanto Summer of Soy Photos