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One of my favorite new media commentators is Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine. Here’s some comments from his latest post.

My most striking realization since getting my iPhone (love it, thanks for asking) is that radio is doomed. Pandora is a wonder, creating my own radio station, live and on the fly without need for a broadcast tower.

And then there’s TV. Comscore just said that Americans watched 12 billion videos in May, up 45 percent over last year. Say that again: 12 billion. It’s a mass medium, still: the mass of niches comes to life.

So what are you doing to make sure your customers see you, hear you, find you? Or are you still one of those who says, “I know a farmer who doesn’t even own a computer”? Yeah. I know one who doesn’t know how to read either.

By the way, I’ve read his comment about Pandora on the iPhone in several places. Free music, no commercials, just the kind you like, in fact, you fashion your own unlimited “stations.” No, you can’t listen to farm programs on it. Not my point though.

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  1. Gary L. West

    Hearing comments like, “I know a farmer who doesn’t even own a computer,” is starting to sound like an excuse to do little or nothing in the new media realm. But perhaps the new media holdouts need to consider that activist environmental organizations, animal rights groups, etc., are all very well aware and getting more savvy about use of new media. They are taking their message right to consumers. If agriculture businesses and organizations aren’t there too, where do you think consumers will turn for their information?

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