Get AgWired On Your Mobile Phone

Chuck Zimmerman

AgWired MobileNow you can keep up to date immediately with the stories posted on AgWired with our text messaging version.

Messages will contain the title of the story and a link directly to it if you’d like to click through and read it right on your phone. It will keep you agricultural marketing professionals on top of your game. Sign up now:

Just text “agwired” to 46786

That’s it. You’ll get confirmation immediately and then you’ll get AgWired updates automatically. News will be sent between 8am-8pm.

We’d love to have your feedback and ideas as we continue to develop this new service.

The new media pioneers just keep on opening up new channels of communication. Stay up to date on your phone or on your computer with AgWired!

If you ever want to unsubscribe (why would you?) then just text “agwired stop” to the same number.

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