Rick Got His Ride Wrapped

Chuck Zimmerman

Rick Tolman's RideHere’s Rick Tolman’s new ride. He’s the CEO of the National Corn Growers Association. I was in St. Louis today to have a little strategy session about Corn Commentary. You can read the Rick’s Ride story there. We’ve been working with NCGA on Corn Commentary for 6 months now. Kind of hard to believe. While I was there I did an interview with Mimi Ricketts and Jennifer Crichton about the project which I’m going to feature in next week’s ZimmCast.

I also spent some time at the Apple store getting a couple lessons on things like their iWork ’08. I think I’m just going to quit using the old Microsoft Office stuff (Word, Excel, PPT, etc.). You’ll find the iWork programs way more feature rich and easier to use. Plus I can still open and save to those files types for you who are still stuck in a PC mode. I really shouldn’t talk though. Cindy’s not on a Mac yet and doesn’t want to so we’ve still got them all over the place. Macs are just more fun.

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