The KINZE Vision

Chuck Zimmerman

Kinze VisionTwo Iowa companies, KINZE Manufacturing and Ag Leader Technology, have gotten together to develop new planting techology that improves the precision and control of row crop planters. Now if they could just add a satellite tv feed into this thing.

The new KINZE Vision system is based on the Ag Leader Insight display with touch screen control (on a large color display) to manage compatible KINZE electronic seed monitoring and variable rate drive systems. It also includes factory-installed Tru Count air-actuated, single row clutches for manual or GPS auto-swath control to enable growers to engage and disengage individual planter sections at headlands, point rows, waterways or previously planted areas. In addition, growers will be able to easily track their planting operations by mapping and recording hybrids and varieties (including split planter configurations).

“The new KINZE Vision system re-defines planting as a process within precision agriculture,” says Al Myers, President of Ag Leader Technology. “This will help growers signifi cantly reduce seed costs and field time while maximizing the yield potential of every seed they plant.”