USDA Sec Dorr Interview

Chuck Zimmerman

Len Corzine & Tom DorrOkay, I’m here and in action in Indianapolis. I’ve got a couple posts for you and you can find more on Domestic Fuel.

The keynote speaker today at the Ethanol Summit here at the Indianapolis Speedway was USDA Under Secretary Tom Dorr (pictured to the right of NCGA Chairman, Leon Corzine).

I interviewed the Secretary and asked him what his department is doing to assist in the development of alternative fuels. He says that the main ways they help are by providing small grants to companies that are starting up and developing alternative fuel alternatives like ethanol and then some initial financing in the form of low interest loans.

You can listen to my interview with Secretary Dorr here: Listen To MP3 Secretary Dorr Interview (4 min MP3)

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