African Event Blogging Gone Wild

Chuck Zimmerman

GTL TeamTalk about blogging an event. You ought to check out the Sasol Chevron GTL Challenge diary. They have photos, a daily summary and video. I would have allowed public commenting but this is extremely well done. A lot of companies are seeing the value in this kind of direct to consumer media campaign. You’re seeing a lot of it here on AgWired and our other websites too. In fact, my travel schedule is really filling up this summer! Chevron has a whole team on this deal. Having a photographer and videographer with me would be nice. Think about it.

The Sasol Chevron GTL Challenge will see a team of twelve men and women embarking on a symbolic journey from Sasolburg, South Africa to Qatar, to signal the inauguration of the Oryx GTL plant in Qatar on 6th June.

John Gass, President of Chevron Global Gas and Sasol Chevron Chairman of the Board, said: “Drawing on cutting edge technology, Sasol Chevron is delivering a high-performing, ultra clean fuel from natural gas. Throughout this challenging trip, we will be demonstrating the fuel’s capabilities and performance under some of the world’s toughest road conditions – the same fuel that may be used in existing diesel engines. We’re excited about the future of GTL.”

The team has been challenged by Sasol Chevron to complete the 11,000 km journey, across six countries in Africa and some of the toughest conditions on the planet, in 46 days, arriving in Doha, Qatar by 5th June for the official opening of the US$950 million ORYX GTL production facility.

One of the team’s five vehicles, a Toyota Hilux Raider, dubbed African Renaissance – highlighting the African continent’s growing influence on the world’s energy industry – will be fuelled from beginning to end with GTL (gas-to-liquid) diesel fuel from Sasol’s plant in Sasolburg. The GTL fuel burns significantly cleaner than conventional diesel and provides superior performance.