Some Sweet Varieties of Corn

Chuck Zimmerman

Sweet CornThis announcement made me think of Florida sweet corn boils and especially the Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival. It’s nice to know that new varieties are still coming out.

NK Brand dealers are providing a portfolio of 11 sweet corn hybrids for farmers planning to produce the traditional summer delicacy in 2006. In cooperation with ROGERS, a Syngenta Seeds brand that provides vegetable seeds to commercial growers, NK Brand dealers are offering sweet corn choices that include the new BC 0805, an ATTRIBUTE insect protected sweet corn with TripleSweet eating quality, and Avalon, the first white TripleSweet corn.

“Sweet corn seed is a popular add-on when growers purchase their corn and soybean seed, making these new hybrids another reason to contact your NK Brand dealer soon,” said Eric Brown, NK Brand marketing programs manager. “We are very excited that our dealers will be providing these sweet corn offerings because they include hybrids usually only available for commercial production. Most importantly, both BC 0805 and Avalon offer outstanding eating qualities and superior taste.”

I like that part about “outstanding eating qualities and superior taste.” Back in my Florida Farm Bureau Federation days I helped our field staff cook and serve boiled sweet corn at lots of events. We had it down to a science. Boil, peel back, dip in melted butter, sprinkle with salt and serve!

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