New WTO Publication Releases

Chuck Zimmerman

World Trade OrganizationSince Keith Good won’t be posting today I thought I’d give you a taste of some world trade information from the WTO. They just released the latest edition of the World Trade Review. You can download the publication here in pdf format. In this issue you’ll find articles on:

Multilateralism compromised: the mysterious origins of GATT Article XXIV – KERRY CHASE

Reviewing dispute settlement at the World Trade Organization: a time to reconsider the role/s of compensation? – ARWEL DAVIES

Participation of NGOs before the WTO and EC tribunals: which court is the better friend? – MARCO M. SLOTBOOM

The WTO decision-making process and internal transparency – PETER NØRGAARD PEDERSEN

European Communities – Anti-Dumping Duties on Imports of Cotton-Type Bed Linen from India: Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU by India – GENE M. GROSSMAN AND ALAN O. SYKES

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