Put Your News Release In Front of the Farmer

Chuck Zimmerman

QuickfarmJust a couple weeks ago we announced AgNewsWire.AgWired.com, your national ag news distribution service. We’ve definitely opened some eyes and created the very excitement that we hoped we would.

Starting next Monday, December 5, the newest, most unique element of AgNewsWire.AgWired.com will be officially available and we’ve already got releases scheduled and ready to send. I’m talking about the Quickfarm Network. This is a network of websites that Quickfarm has built and maintains for farmer cooperatives across the United States. There are about 2,000 cooperative locations involved. Our exclusive agreement with Quickfarm allows your news release to be posted in the home page content that Quickfarm supplies to those cooperative websites. That means your message goes directly to the farmer. Show me a news release distribution service that can guarantee you that! You can see a map that shows the locations of the cooperatives involved in the Quickfarm Network here.

Additionally, your release is posted to the AgNewsWire.AgWired.com website. We’re going to be working to encourage ag journalists from around the world to subscribe to AgNewsWire.AgWired.com and receive all releases posted their via the RSS feed. Gotta love RSS don’t you? You can find out more about the AgNewsWire.AgWired.com distribution points here.

We’ve got a lot of plans for the development of AgNewsWire.AgWired.com. It will grow out of your support whether you’re a journalist, communications director or public relations professional. Our rates are very reasonable and include the distribution of both traditional text only releases, Talking News Releases and even video and other images. You can see our rate structure here.

I will be on the road presenting AgNewsWire.AgWired.com around the country starting today in St. Louis. If you’d like to have a personal presentation about our new service or other ZimmComm services (blogging and podcasting), please give me a call or send me an email. Chances are I’ll be in your area or at a meeting with you over the next several months.

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