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Keep Up With Expo On World Dairy Diary

Chuck Zimmerman

World Dairy DiaryWhat kind of public relations people would we be if we didn’t do a talking news release about our own project eh? So of course we sent one out on World Dairy Diary, our very own farm show blog and the “Official blog of World Dairy Expo.” I’ll be posting here on AgWired from Expo next week but you can already see and hear plenty on World Dairy Diary!

“World Dairy Diary” will be keeping Expo attendees and non-attendees alike informed about the activities at the event October 4-8 in Madison, WI. The official blog of the World Dairy Expo at wdexpo.org is being sponsored by No-Bull Enterprises, Holstein Association USA, and the Qualisoy initiative.

“Look for commentary, pictures, audio and much more on World Dairy Diary before, during and after the Expo,” said blog manager Chuck Zimmerman of ZimmComm, Marketing and Communications. “I’ll be there for the entire event, covering all aspects of the expo.” Full Release

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