El Cerdo es Bueno – Know What That Means?

Chuck Zimmerman

The pig is good. That’s what I think it means. And it’s increasing pork sales in Mexico according to the U. S Meat Export Federation:

USMEF Launches Campaign To Increase U.S. Pork Sales In Mexico

Suggested Lead: The U.S. pork industry has experienced extraordinary growth in exports to Mexico. In 2004, one of every three tons of U.S. pork exported went to Mexico, the No. 1 volume market.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) works to build demand for U.S. pork in international markets like Mexico and recently launched a new campaign as part of its overall strategy to promote U.S. pork there.

The campaign is called “El Cerdo es Bueno” or “Pork Is Good” and originated in the United States. USMEF-Mexico Director Gilberto Lozano (HILL-BEAR-TOW LOW-ZAH-NO) explains:

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