Remote Irrigation Monitoring Saves Time

Taylor Truckey

agsenseTanner Oliphant, with AgSense, shared the latest with AgWired while at the National Farm Machinery Show last week. AgSense is a web-based service that gives growers access to their pivot and irrigation information through their smartphone or computer.

AgSense released a new product this year that integrates specifically with Valley digital panels. Remote monitoring allows customers to see where a pivot is at in the field, what it’s doing, program VRA capabilities, send real-time alerts, and offers theft monitoring without power.

As for VRA capabilities, Tanner elaborated, “From an agronomic standpoint, if part of your field is sandier and needs more water, or is heavier and needs less water, you can remotely program the pivot to slow down and speed up over those parts of the fields,” Tanner said. “It really gives growers a lot of flexibility and saves a lot of windshield time.”

In other words, in the time it takes you to make a pot of coffee, you can evaluate all of your irrigation and begin to make necessary adjustments.

Although AgSense is partnered with Valley, and there are a few specific tools developed for Valley products, Tanner explained that AgSense products are not tied to only the Valley brand or Valley hardware. “We are also compatible with non-Valley brand pivots, so if you have Reinke, Zimmatic, or a T-L pivot, we also have telemetry [remote monitoring] options for those as well.”

Listen to Tanner’s full interview to learn more about AgSense remote monitoring:
Interview with Tanner Oliphant, AgSense

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