AgWired – Where in the World?

Upcoming Events for the ZimmComm Team

- National Agri-Marketing Association Convention - Kansas City, MO - April 15-17.
- Chicken Media Summit - Cambridge, MD - April 19-21 - Coverage sponsored by National Chicken Council.
- Alltech Rebelation - Lexington, KY - May 16-20 - Coverage sponsored by Alltech.

AgWired – A ZimmComm production


AgWired is one of the very first agricultural information blogs and has a focus on marketing. Our information is open and free to everyone in the industry.

Farm Podcasting

Besides the weekly ZimmCast we frequently publish press conferences and interviews with industry leaders in all segments of agriculture.

We've got you covered!

From the very beginning of this amazing venture in 2004, ZimmComm New Media has been providing you with live, on-site event coverage of the biggest events the industry has to offer. We've brought you live event coverage from as far away as Sweden, Japan and Brazil, just to name a few of the places we've traveled over the years. This is all in addition to our daily news and information coverage of all things Agriculture. Contact us about covering your next event!