Lobbying NAMA Style

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the greatest benefits to attending a NAMA convention is networking with your peers. In between meetings, the trade show, meals or just about anytime, you’ll see agrimarketing professionals talking. This benefit alone makes attending the convention a must for anyone who’s serious about their profession.

NAMA Lobby Image

Here you can see Katana Ewbank, AdFarm, chatting with Al Pell, Farm Journal Media. This is where the real work gets done!


Southwest Water Issues Discussed At ARC Spring Fling

Chuck Zimmerman

Another ARC Spring Fling note from Carroll Merry.

ARC Spring Fling Image

Herb Guenther, Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources, speaks with members of the Ag Relations Council at the organization’s Spring Fling meeting held April 19 at the Phoenix Hyatt Regency Civic Plaza. Guenther told the group about the challenges of balancing the water needs for consumer and industrial use with those of Arizona’s agricultural producers. He noted that through cooperation between state and local governments and farm water districts, accomodations are being made such that the needs of all are being met.


Ag Relations Council Spring Fling

Chuck Zimmerman

Prior to the start of the NAMA Convention, the Agricultural Relations Council held a day long meeting here at the Hyatt.

Carroll Merry, Countryside Marketing, sent me a couple of pictures to share with you.

ARC Meeting Image

Jeri Omernik, president, Rocky Mountain Communications and president of the Agricultural Relations Council, welcomes members to the organization’s Spring Fling meeting which was held April 19 at Phoenix’ Hyatt Regency City Center. The focus of the meeting was on issues facing agriculture in the arid Southwest.


Name Badge Required To Get In Here

Chuck Zimmerman

The Trade Show will be well guarded but I still didn’t leave my notebook computer at my booth.

NAMA Trade Show Entrance

I’ll be back over there in a couple hours. Gotta eat lunch!

Since the only internet access I’ve got is relatively slow from my Sprint PCS card I’m planning on using NAMA’s Cyber Cafe they set up which has a few extra connections for a notebook computer. The only challenge is that it’s wayyyy down the hall across the convention center and not at the trade show entrance area.

I guess I need my exercise anyway.


Ready For NAMA Trade Show Action

Chuck Zimmerman

It didn’t take long but ZimmComm is set up and ready for trade show action here at the 2005 Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show.

We’re set up right across from the NAFB booth and at the center of the action. The floor in front of us will contain a display this afternoon of the Best of NAMA award entries. The winners will be announced this evening and we’ll post results when we can.

Immediately following the Best of NAMA ceremony the trade show reception begins so it may be later in the evening before I can get much posted. One of the reasons is not having high speed access at my booth. I just couldn’t justify paying $600 to have it for 2 days. Can you believe that fee?

We’ve got these cute little Weepul guys to give away at our booth, along with some soy crayons that we actually had left over from last year. In addition, anyone I write about or who provides me with information to write about will receive a custom ZimmComm “I’ve been blogged by AgriMarketing Pros” t-shirt.

ZimmComm NAMA Booth

Let us know what you think of our coverage of the NAMA convention!


Search For Agrimarketing

Chuck Zimmerman

Have you ever done a Google search for agrimarketing? You ought to. I just did. I got 36,000 results! Guess who’s number 3?

AgriMarketing Pros!

There’s a lot of others of course.

If you’re a Googler then you know about sponsored results. There’s only one for “agrimarketing” and that’s Broadhead+Co. How about that! Agrimarketing is going to make it into the internet age sooner or later.

It’s the early adopters and innovators who will be there.


2005 Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show Underway

Chuck Zimmerman

Let the games begin! Actually, the games began earlier today for the golfers. I wanted to but that extra day and $’s just didn’t work out this year. Maybe next year.

The first stop is always registration.

NAMA Convention Registration

On the way down to registration from my room and back up to feed the blog monster I saw students everywhere. They looked sharp in their matching team shirts. Wish I had that youthful enthusiasm.

The students are here for the annual student chapter marketing competition. I’ll bring you more information about how they’re doing when I find it out, including who wins and who loses.

Tomorrow is set-up day for the trade show. I should have more to share by then.