US Challenges Chinese Quotas for Rice, Wheat, and Corn

Cindy Zimmerman

The Obama Administration has launched a new trade enforcement action against the People’s Republic of China over tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) for rice, wheat, and corn. The complaint was filed with the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). “China’s TRQ policies breach their WTO commitments and limit opportunities for U.S. farmers to export …

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Cotton Growers Pleased with WTO Negotiations

John Davis

Cotton growers were happy to see the latest results from World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations. This news release from the National Cotton Council (NCC) said U.S. trade negotiators were able to resist pressure for further concessions on cotton during the recent 10th WTO Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. “U.S. negotiators held firm with respect to any cotton specific outcomes, ensuring …

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WTO Announces $1.01 Billion in COOL Retaliation

Jamie Johansen

We anticipated this and now it’s here. The World Trade Organization (WTO) announced $1.01 billion retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods authorized in the country-of-origin labeling (COOL) with Canada and Mexico. The WTO has upheld multiple times our neighboring country’s claim that the label creates an unfair advantage to U.S. products. U.S. Senator Pat Roberts, R-Kan., Chairman of the Senate Committee …

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Cotton Industry Wants No More Trade Constraints

John Davis

The National Cotton Council is calling for an end to constraints on U.S. cotton policy in the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) December Ministerial in Nairobi, Kenya. The group’s president and CEO Gary Adams testified before the House Agriculture Committee that U.S. trade negotiators need to maintain a firm commitment not to accept any further concessions to U.S. cotton policy. He …

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History & Future of World Trade Organization

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s some light reading for you. How about the History and Future of the World Trade Organization. It is “a comprehensive account of the economic, political and legal issues surrounding the creation of the WTO and its evolution. Fully illustrated with colour and black-and-white photos dating back to the early days of trade negotiations, the publication reviews the WTO’s achievements …

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WTO Launches New Trade Monitoring Database

Talia Goes

The WTO launched a new trade monitoring database, which provides detailed information on trade measures implemented by WTO members and observers since October 2008. The database can be accessed through the WTO website. The trade policy data is taken from the regular trade monitoring reports prepared by the WTO Secretariat. All information is submitted to the relevant WTO member for …

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World Trade Organization Podcasting

Chuck Zimmerman

It looks like the World Trade Organization is podcasting. Here’s a notice I received that pointed to it with this episode being a 17 minute press conference on the following. FARM TALKS CHAIR SEES REAL NEGOTIATION IN COMMENTS ON TEXT – Members’ comments on his “challenges paper” showed they were starting to negotiate the content rather than rejecting it, Ambassador …

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New WTO Publication Releases

Chuck Zimmerman

World Trade OrganizationSince Keith Good won’t be posting today I thought I’d give you a taste of some world trade information from the WTO. They just released the latest edition of the World Trade Review. You can download the publication here in pdf format. In this issue you’ll find articles on:

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WTO – Hong Kong & Gone

Chuck Zimmerman

USTR Robert Portman - Courtesy of WTOWell what do you think? Did our USTR, Robert Portman and his team do a good job? There’s an agreed upon declaration which is more progress than I think most thought would happen. You can see what the WTO website calls the “draft ministerial text.” I don’t know if it’s the final approved one or not.


Watch & Listen To WTO Talks Via Webcasts

Chuck Zimmerman

WTO Hong Kong MinisterialIn case you’re really interested in what’s going on at the WTO talks in Hong Kong they are recording and webcasting many of the public sessions like news conferences and statements. They’re offering them live and archived in video and audio format and even in different languages.