The Novus Pork Team

Cindy Zimmerman

This good-looking bunch represents the Novus International Pork Team on duty at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines. Novus is a relatively new pork industry partner, only about two years, but the company has been well known in the poultry industry for many years in the animal health and nutrition field. They actually have products and programs for beef, …

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Deputy Secretary at World Pork

Cindy Zimmerman

Deputy Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner visited the 20th annual World Pork Expo on Thursday and spoke with producers about some of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. On the opportunity side is exports. “Thanks to this industry for your role in leading US exports to another remarkable level,” Conner said. The latest forecast calls for agricultural exports to hit …

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An International Welcome from Novus

Cindy Zimmerman

World Pork Expo is a natural fit for an international corporation like Novus. Pictured here by the multi-lingual welcome sign are Mark Klamfoth and Randy Anderson with Novus. Randy says they have already had visitors at the tent today from China, Brazil and Mexico and they expect many more from other countries over the course of the expo. With producers …

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Kicking off the 20th World Pork Expo

Cindy Zimmerman

First order of business at World Pork Expo this morning was a press conference featuring National Pork Producers Council president Bryan Black from Ohio. Bryan discussed the 20th anniversary of the event, changes made this year to use badges instead of passes for attendees, the state of the US pork industry, exports and more. Afterwards, Bryan visited with me in …

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Smokin’ at WPX

Cindy Zimmerman

The smokers were already fired up at 7:00 this morning here at the World Pork Expo, getting ready to serve some excellent BBQ to expo goers throughout the day. The show is underway and we have already got a Flickr photo album up and lots of audio to get posted. The media center is very busy with plenty of reporters …

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Knowing Novus Now

Chuck Zimmerman

The week Cindy will be attending the World Pork Expo in Des Moines with our coverage sponsored by Novus International. I was in their office last week to meet with Jeremy Lutgen and Scott Fleetwood. I did an interview with Scott, who is their Executive Director of Marketing and Products. In it you’ll learn a lot more about the company. …

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